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Shopping happens fast. Judgments are made within seconds. The decision to approach an in-store display can happen in as little as 1/3rd of a second. That means your brand’s opportunity to make an incremental sale can live or die in less than a heartbeat.
There’s no time for nuance.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no time for Insight. To the contrary, it means Shopper Insight must be elevated. Because in heartbeat decision scenarios, insight has the power to transform shopper behavior.

Gutierrez Brand Group LLC has brought urgency and insight together to help your brand maximize closure, transcend price and private label, earn retailer support and build shopper affinity.


In order to truly understand the consumer’s path to purchase, both functional and emotional, we use a combination of observation, tracking and projective techniques as shoppers move throughout the path to purchase.


Especially the fluctuating state of shopper emotion, is often deprioritized and overlooked on the shopper journey. Reason may play a role in shopper decisions, but emotion, when leveraged, can transcend reason, function and even price We gather the complete picture of the shopper – including what they are experiencing and how they are feeling at key moments.

In an attempt to leverage brand equity, they may give a wrong messaging (same message across the board!) that does not take into account that shoppers have a very different mindset and relationship with your brand than consumers, and are strongly influenced by the context of the retail environment.

In order to maximize the story your brand will tell on the path to purchase, we first explore your brand’s shopper objectives and generate insight-based messages with internal stakeholders. We then engage shoppers in work sessions to evaluate and optimize the proposed messages against the brand objectives, to ensure they work with the distinct shopper mindset and insight. Ultimately, we use your shoppers to help us craft the individual messages that will be most effective on the path to purchase.


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