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Packaging is brand design at the sharp end, the art of promising and being believed, a tangible realisation of a brand that projects the key brand messages.

It represents the virtues and appeal of a product, according to the well-researched tastes and aspirations of the consumer, and so is crucial to supporting the establishment of a product and it's brand proposition. Creating a visually arresting pack design, that imparts a memorable product story, has to be achieved in a single and highly effective statement which catches the brief attention of the time deprived consumer.


Done correctly, your brand packaging design acts as vital, round-the-clock sales force , continually imparting both tangible and intangible benefits that help maintain profitable sales.

GBG specializes in creating CPG · Consumer Goods Packaging solutions that elevate lift at retail stores, attract new audiences, and extend the mindshare of your products through attractive functional, as well as visual application.

It is no easy feat for brands to transition from shelf to check out—after all, the shelf space is the most cutthroat marketing environment in existence today. In fact, consumers often make their decision of what to buy in seconds and based mostly on what packaging captures their attention first. There’s no way of getting around it—good design sells.


Not only does it house the contents of your product, but packaging and merchandising play an important role in establishing your brand ethos. Product packaging can be beautifully designed, but if difficult to open or expensive to produce, it is equally as ineffective as one poorly designed. To avoid this, we support all facets of research, creation, and delivery while assisting with substrate selection, fabrication, engineering, and point-of-purchase solutions.

Effective brand design assists choice so, once functional considerations are completed, the most important pack design consideration is how best to connect with your consumer, create and tell a story that stands out from the crowd.

Our aim through powerful brand pack design is to:


• Demand attention by cutting through the visual barrage of the retail environment with clarity

• Create impulse

• Communication the brand's proposition succinctly

• Project and amplify key brand messages

• Engage emotionally with the consumer through a compelling brand story or message with distinction

• Support or establish loyal relationships with the consumer

• Be different and memorable with something worth talking about

• Provide product information

• Support and exceed legal mandatories

• Protect contents

• Help consumers consume or use the product appropriately


Brand packaging is a volatile business in today's highly competitive retail environment. The once gentle evolution of a product's image has accelerated at a frenetic pace. There are more products available now then ever before, so consumers have more choice and yet, simultaneously, are more discerning . The majority of products on the supermarket shelf are locked between the loyalty of the consumer and the demands of the retailer. They are fighting for visibility, shelf space and market share. Effective brand packaging has to work harder than ever if the product is to be noticed and survive.


The average supermarket has around 40,000 different packs to choose from across food and non-food items. With over 70% of purchase decisions made at point of purchase the challenge is to stand out from the crowd. There are thousands of products competing for shoppers' attention in store and, according to various research findings, a pack on a supermarket shelf has less than three seconds to grab that attention. This doesn't mean that packaging necessarily needs to be loud or simple – but it must be clear with a compelling message grabbing the attention of the audience for which it is intended .


A product's viability is no longer assessed over a period of years. It now has only a matter of months, sometimes weeks, in which to prove itself. Therefore, as a communication medium, effective brand packaging is the stage upon which the product must perform. A bad performance will not invite an encore.

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